The SonicGuard Story

The start was interesting… Daniel Kiss – CEO and founder of ProtectONE Inc.- started his career on the Pet market 10 years ago, selling dog houses when he met a professor in Italy. The professor developed an idea, an ultrasonic device, based on science, which is against ticks, fleas and dust mites.
The story had an unfortunate start, because the professor lost his dog because of a tick related disease, so he started experimenting with a solution which can be used for everyone, soon he found the success in the ultrasound technology with a high frequency that does not bother the animals, but successfully repels the unwanted pests.
The technology is based on science, which disturbs ticks and fleas, so they get an overdose of information and they orient themselves away from the radius of the ultrasound.

Daniel was a salesman that time and he immediately saw the opportunity in this, because ticks and fleas are a huge problem all over the world, and not just in the pet industry.
Plus the additional prize was that this device with the ultrasound technology it is absolutely harmless and imperceptible both for humans, dogs and other pets.

“We have been doing a lot of research within the pet industry and realised that owners are really worried about toxics in such repellent products."- said Daniel Kiss, CEO of ProtectONE Inc.

He bought the rights immediately and started the sales, it was already 7 years ago. Now we the company is Europe’s No.1. chemical free, ultrasonic parasite repeller manufacturer, represented in over 42 countries in 5 continents.

At ProtectONE, we pride ourselves on making high-quality protection devices that really work, our goal is to provide the best natural protection possible for your loved ones against ticks, fleas and dust mites. Our most well-known products are: SonicGuard, Tickless and MiteLess.

Daniel Kiss
Daniel Kiss

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